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High quality production solutions

Finding the best way to help you establishing your business !

Since 2014, Our Team Has Succeeded In Understanding The Needs Of The Industry And Creating Reliable Solutions To Serve Them All.

In 2009 when I was exporting fish from Vietnam, I didn’t know that a few years later I would be producing all the interior decorations & furniture for restaurants and hotels. Neither, than I would b to b sell perfume brands to japanese distributors, nor than I would be helping companies to open their branches. Everything comes to those who wait, and work hard for it. Constantly looking for solutions in Asia for individual clients a network was born.

 Since September 2014, established as a company registered in Hong Kong, Padea Global provides solutions in Asia for its customers. Keeping our adventurous spirit, we’re ready to help throughout South East & Pacific Asia.

A matter of time

A little more into it everyday

Different products done
Years of Experience
Customers served

Quality comes first even if price matter. We make sure that every minute detail is looked into while Manufacturing. We put your products on the line, we follow the production and check the quality.

A direct market view

Our agent are a message away, our supplier are a message away. We are friend with the business industry we work with, that’s give us rights. We can help the factory by providing our own raw material, and checking every details. If needed we are always a mile away from everything we care. 

Easy communication

Once we introduce each other the person in charge will be in direct contact with me. What’s app, We Chat, Zalo, Kakaotalk, Line, your favourite communication system is also ours. Once we know each other it will be confortable for you to communicate with us. 

We Are Perfectionning our solution day after day. High end-design industry are also welcome.

Need Help With Your Production, here we are.